COM MakePy utility in PythonWin

Maan Hamze mmhamze at
Sun Sep 2 07:09:43 CEST 2001

1.  In addition to using the excellent Lemburg's mxODBC, I have been using
DAO to connect to Access using Jet engine, and using ADO too.  Of course the
last two depend on using Hammond's COM clients in PythonWin.
I am just curious though as to the advantages of using the COM MakePy
Hope someone can give some hints as to what does it do exactly.

2.  I have a povray modelling program that offers a COM interface.  I was
able to connect to it through Hammond's Python win32com.  But the interface
itself is not listed in the COM browser in PythonWin.  I looked for it in
the registry and found it and tried it in PythonWin and it worked.  I am
just wondering why the object did not appear in the COM Broswer?

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