OpenGLContext 1.0a2 Released

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at
Tue Sep 25 15:53:11 CEST 2001

OpenGLContext: A Learning Environment for PyOpenGL 2.x

OpenGLContext provides you with an environment for learning OpenGL
programming.  It gives you an object-oriented Python-friendly set of
services which let you concentrate on your OpenGL code instead of the
underlying GUI environment.

This is the 1.0a2 release of the project, that is, it's still alpha
software, with the potential for changes to both internal and external
interfaces and the likelihood of lots of bugs.  There's also a lot of work
still needed on documentation.  With that said, since one of the major goals
of the project is to let people "open up the hood and look at what's going
on", it's still fun to download and poke through.

You can get OpenGLContext from here:

Enjoy yourselves,
Mike Fletcher


	Fixed a bug in Context that was causing "jitter" on slower machines (frames
were swapped even if no visible rendering was occurring).

	Added a loaders sub-package, currently just a skeletal VRML97 loader
(requires mcf.vrml) and a "native" format (compressed pickled files).  These
are more sketches of loaders than production-quality mechanisms.  A better
format is needed, of course, possibly a zipped archive of resources

	Various minor bug fixes and enhancements.

	Added class documentation for pydoc-generated documents (and modified
pydoc2 to give more useful package summaries which include summary lines of
the modules, and to automatically link to documentation for OpenGL names
mentioned in the doc strings).

	Fixed logic bug in mouse move handlers.

	Added delta function to quaternion class.

	Changed implementation and API of utilities module to match and use vector

	Eliminated a Python 2.2 from x import * warning.

	Added explicit request for double-buffering for GLUT contexts.

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