idea: Robocode for Python

Martin Franklin martin.franklin at
Wed Sep 12 11:03:29 CEST 2001

C. Porter Bassett wrote:

>> Looks like some naming problem. I don't know how this is handled with
>> jython. As said above in java you usualy write one public class per file
>> and the file must have the name of the class + '.java'. The Java compiler
>> produeces then a file with the class name + '.class'. I think jython
>> should create a file named pyrobot.class in your case.
> Yes, I get files called, pyrobot.class, and
> pyrobot$_PyInner.class.

You may need the jython.jar file in your class path before runnind the 
compiled 'jython' code. You may also need the jpywork directory in the 
class path.

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