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Thu Sep 27 20:28:19 CEST 2001

On 27 Sep 2001, chris liechti wrote:

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> > 1. Will this approach effectively lock out access to file-functions
> > etc or are some dangerous functionality built into the interpreter
> > itself?
> all the functions that are built in are in the module "__builtins__" which
> is imported implicitly at the beginning of every script. you could modify
> this module and remove the "open" function that allows file access.
> note that some modules like "os" and "sys" are staticaly linked into the
> python interpreter. you would like to exclude these modules (especialy
> because of "os.system"). some replacement for "sys.exit" and maybe other
> functions of that modules could be useful.

Actually, the os module is a separate module written in Python. That it is
built into the Python interpreter is AFAICT a common misconception.

> > 2. Is some necessary functionality (memory allocation for
> > example)placed in modules which I therefore will have to include?
> not that i know, except some functions and variables provided by "sys" e.g.
> "sys.exit()", "print" uses "sys.stdout", maybe others.

These abilities are built in to the Python interpreter; the sys module just
exposes them for use in programs.

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