The nntplib module

Fred Pacquier fredp at
Wed Sep 19 09:51:00 CEST 2001

"Travers Naran" <tnaran at> said :

> Really?  The reason I thought it was the VM was because Win98 really
> bogged down when downloading large articles (like really big binaries).
>  It bogs down to the point that I start getting resource error messages
> when opening new applications.  Also, the little spedometer I have via
> Zone Alarm was at far less than maximum (typically less than 50%
> utilization), so I didn't think it was maxing out the TCP/IP stack. 
> Also, after switching to my modified nntplib, the performance improved
> considerably. 

A side question Travers : is your code (the reader, not nntplib) going to 
be available somewhere ? I don't need a binary downloader but there might 
be a lot of useful housekeeping stuff in there (threading maybe ?). I've 
been nursing the idea of a web-to-nntp interface for a long while, but with 
a negative priority :). Maybe your work would be enough of a starting point 
that it would nudge me into action... I hate starting from scratch :)

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