Creating Excel files on Linux

Markus Schaber markus at
Wed Sep 12 10:34:03 CEST 2001


Alex Martelli <aleaxit at> schrub:
> Roman Suzi wrote:
>> The only hope is to convince gov's to use free software as happens in
>> the West.
> I'm not too sure about "the West" -- there's a lot of non-free
> software in governmental use around here (and now that, as a part of
> the recent government, we had the guy who headed Microsoft Italia
> until joining said government, my personal hopes that this will change
> have gone down:-).

> Rather, it seems to me that China is pursuing a strong policy of
> free-sw use (in their case the point being definitely the
> free-as-in-beer part), and France may be heading in the same direction
> (in _their_ case, the desire of resisting American cultural hegemony
> is probably uppermost).

At least in Germany, there appeared some open-source movement in the 
gouvernment. One of the pushes surely is the more expensive licence 
policy Microsoft has exposed, another one is security: In the times of 
echelon etc, the German state and economy doesn't really trust in US 
software - at least those few who care about security at all.

"The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of 
each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty 
bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights 
secure." -- Albert Einstein

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