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Lee Morgan unknown at
Sun Sep 16 06:06:32 CEST 2001

pixelwig at (PixelWig) writes:

> I know Python has been used to enhance 3D software programs like Hash Animation
> Master.  Are any folks using Python and designing their own 3D object oriented
> programs?  Heard tkinter is easiest to set up for the interface for 3D.  Would


pyopengl is a wrapping of opengl and Pygame can setup your context. But so can
tkinter, wxwindows(my favourite) and I think pyqt. (BTW pypopengl has a sister
pyopenglcontext project to set this up for you under various window systems)

pyVTK has a 3D visualisation component but I've not played with it. I imagine
its at a higher abstraction level than raw opengl calls.

Also check out  

a 3D model generation program (think autodesk) and burgeoning simple game
prototyper. (has a python interface)

and for games, look at the "Blade of Darkness, Severence" demo available on the

B. of D. is similar to how I've used python - high level state setting & data
preprocessing in python but engine stuff in c/c++.

But pyopengl is great for trying things out, and if you get the performance you
need in python, why make life harder with a C straight jacket.


BTW Does Hash Animation Master expose an api for 3rd party python access?

> like to hear of some basics, tutorials, books, and suggested places to jump
> off 
> and into this.
> Thanks for your experience.
> -David

Lee Morgan

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