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On Wednesday 12 September 2001 12:23, ka wrote:

> Can someone help me with Multi-threading
> I import threading
> I start a new thread with _start_new_thread()

No.  start_new_thread is for use with the "thread" module.  The threading 
module is a higher-level interface to that module.  Basically you do this:

import threading

thread = threading.Thread(None, YourFunction)

> ????How do I know when my thread is done ??????

There are several methods, I usually use threading.Lock, threading.Condition, 
threading.Event (see the docs) so that other parts of the program can check 
if a thread is active.

> ????What happens if one thread crashes (happens most of the time), Can I
> catch it????

Again, you can use a lock, condition or event to notify your program that 
something has happened.  Simply place the threaded code inside a try..except 
and set the condition/event/lock in case of an exception.  

If your thread is crashing all the time, I would try and find out why and fix 
it rather than simply working around it.

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