[ANN] xmldiff 0.5

Alexandre Fayolle alf at aries.logilab.fr
Fri Sep 7 14:10:06 CEST 2001

Logilab has released XmlDiff 0.5.

XmlDiff is a python tool that figures out the differences between two
similar XML files, in the same way the diff utility does it for text
files. It was developed for the Narval project and should also be used as
a library. It can work either with XML files or DOM trees. XmlDiff is
released under the Gnu Public Licence.

What's new in 0.5?
 * a new algorithm is used, which is a couple of orders of magnitude
faster, which makes xmldiff usable on big documents.
 * some Unicode issues have been fixed

For more information, please check http://www.logilab.org/xmldiff/

Alexandre Fayolle
LOGILAB, Paris (France).
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