Want to modify Python to support BIG5 characters in string

Tiberius Teng tiberius at ms28.hinet.net
Sun Sep 23 08:41:37 CEST 2001

I want to do some modification to make Python support BIG5 (Traditional
Chinese) characters in string, because I don't use Unicode and Python
doesn't like those '\' (backslashes) in string literals.

BIG5 characters have two bytes, the first byte is from 0xA1 to 0xF9, and the
second is from 0x40 to 0x7E and 0xA1 to 0xFE, which includes the '\'
backslash character. So my plan is add a few line to make Python ignore the
following backslashes if it encounters the first byte in BIG5.

I have Visual C++ 6 installed, and downloaded Python 2.1.1 source tree. I
can compile it out-of-box so modify/compiling should not have problem. I
just can't find out where should I modify ... Can somebody help me ?

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