ANN: NURBS module

Runar Tenfjord runten at
Sun Sep 30 14:33:23 CEST 2001

NURBS (Non Uniform Rational B-Splines) is the basic technology behind most
CAD, CAE and CAM software today. For my own personal education I wanted
to port Mark Spink's SCILAB/MATLAB toolbox to python with help of the
NumPy extension.
I like to share the result with other people. This module only scratches the
surface of a broad and complex area, but it's a starting point and should be
accessable to a broader audience than existing software in C++.

The module includes:

  a.. Raw NURBS curves
  b.. Basic curves like circle, arc, polyline and line.
  c.. Raw NURBS surfaces.
  d.. Basic surfaces like extruded, bilinear, revolved, ruled and coons
  e.. Basic functions like knot insertion, degree raising and
  f.. Simple plotting through the DISLIN module.
  g.. Demos of most features.
  h.. PyOpenGL demos

More information and downloads at:

Mark Spink's site with links and background information:

Runar Tenfjord
runten at

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