New Python WebMail app

Alex Martelli aleax at
Mon Sep 17 13:41:21 CEST 2001

"Aaron Fransen" <aaronf at> wrote in message
news:fQxo7.43891$Gi6.5026247 at
> It's got address books, HTML support (like HotMail, but only on IE of
> least until Netscape and Opera suppor the IFRAME tag), a full

Mozilla 6 does support IFRAME (which is perfectly good standard HTML 4.01
after all), so I would expect Netscape 6 to (doesn't it...?) -- see  Opera 5 also
support IFRAME, of course.  So does KDE's Konqueror.

Netscape 4.* is, of course, a zombie -- a walking dead still going
around doing damage.  (Yes, yes, I know I used exactly the same
metaphor to describe DDE a week or so ago -- feels completely apt
in both cases to me).  There are (barely) enough copies of NS 4
still in use, as to inhibit web designers who need to reach a
really wide audience from using standard HTML -- just because
a browser designed many years ago was unable to support the correct
standard and some people (who understandably don't want to upgrade
to NS6, heavier and still rather buggy; and, less understandably,
don't want to move to light, fast, solid Opera, or to any of the
several decent open source browsers around) stick with it.  Sigh.


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