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> Hello!
> I have programmed Python for a while but only as command line
> programs. Now I adding a GUI and have selected anygui 0.1a2


Please be warned that this is a very early version, which lacks several
important features (such as menus, a full event system, model/view
separation etc.) which will be added.

> I have created a window with 5 label, 3 textfields and a button. all
> implemented code work but
> Since I'm on a Windows computer anygui will select PythonWin  (mswgui)
> as the backend and Tab will not work!

How do you expect it to work? We've discussed this on the mailing list,
and the standard behaviour seems different on various platforms. I assume
you are trying to use it to tab between text fields?

> If I change the backend to
> Tkinter (tkgui), then Tab works!

Well... There are some bugs there too (about the cursor not being at
either end of the selection when tabbing etc...)

> Is this a bug or am I suppoesed to do something to make Tab jump from
> one control to the next?

In my opinion, it is a bug. I've added it to the KNOWN_BUGS file.
(Thomas: I don't quite remember how the discussion on this turned
out... Can you fix it?)

> Second question: Is there a FileOpen dialog in anygui?

Not yet, but there will be, in 0.2. (As I said, this is an _early_
version ;) See the TODO file.

> If there is how do I use it?

When it appears, it will be described in the docs. Most likely, it will
be a subclass of Dialog (which doesn't exist yet), e.g. FileDialog.

> Since I'm a Windows guy I don't know if there are any Common Dialogs
> in the *nix world, but I think that a FileOpen/Save dialog is so
> common that every GUI should have one!?

Yup. There will be others too (such as standard OK/Cancel or warning or
info dialogs etc.)

Feel free to subscribe to our mailing-list and contribute either code,
bugs reports, questions or opinions. (See for more info.)

I'm glad to hear that you're using it :)

> // Anders


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