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>Does anyone know how to communicate between threads?  It might help if I
>explained my application.

It sound like you have two processes, each with two threads.  That
complicates things a bit.

>I have two instances of an application, written in python, running.
>I refer to the application as a "viewer".  Both instances have two
>threads.  The main thread (I'll refer to it as thread A) handles
>the GUI events and the other thread (I'll refer to it as thread B)
>communicates to the other viewer using OmniOrb, an implementation of
>CORBA.  I'm trying to develop the code so that if you rotate the image
>in one viewer, the image in the other viewer rotates.
>When I rotate the image in viewer 1, thread A in viewer 1 communicates
>to thread B in viewer 2 and requests a rotation.  Since thread A
>handles all the GUI events, I need some way to communicate this from
>thread B in viewer 2 to thread A in viewer 2.

For starters, take a look at for
some sample code for dealing with GUIs.  It sounds like you either need
to have thread A being a CORBA client talking to thread B of the second
process (simplest solution, but potentially blocking) or create a third
thread to act as the CORBA client.  In either case, thread B as the
CORBA server talks to thread A in its own process by either manipulating
variables directly or by passing data in a Queue.
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