Python and Zope

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Sun Sep 9 07:43:03 CEST 2001

On Sat, Sep 08, 2001 at 10:18:52PM -0700, Andrew Murray wrote:
> Frankly I was pretty unimpressed with Zope. After one gets over the
> 'gee-whiz' factor,
> I've found that the learning curve behind Zope and the relative
> non-portability of the code you
> must write for it far outweigh the benefits (what are they again btw?) of
> using Zope.
> If you've used mod_perl, mod_php or mod_python before, I'd suggest going
> that route.

   Benefits of Zope vs mod_*:

1. It is a server, not a CGI - it is always in memory, it does not forks
for ervery request (speed).

2. Integrated system - ZODB, SQL, templates, security, indexing and
searching in one package.

3. Through-the-web interface (and ZClass programming).

3. Components - ZODB, DTML, ZCatalog, ZServer, ZPublisher. You can use
these components with Zope or without it, just in a Python program.

4. A number of well-defined APIs, including powerful acquisition.

5. Many 3rd-party components.

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