Interactive web image using Python

Michael Palm msp at
Tue Sep 25 07:21:04 CEST 2001

I want to have a web image where you can change the color of parts of
the image by clicking on it.
e.g. <click on color selector> <click on the guy's hat to change its
color>. This is for a clothing
manufacturer. I am (of course) using Python on the client side.

Any ideas on the best way to do this from Python (PIL, PIDDLE, OpenGL
etc...). Or should I
be using a Java applet or Shockwave file instead? The shading program
will need to know
about the component shapes so that it can fill each one. Somewhere on
the web I saw a duck
whose clothing you could change in this way, but I can't find it again
or recall what they used.
I guess I could use their method and just store a library of each
compoment shaded in all
possible colors, then overlay the pieces.

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