potentially interesting for pygame developers...

Alex Martelli aleax at aleax.it
Mon Sep 17 09:40:50 CEST 2001

I haven't tried pygame myself, yet, but it's a
project based at http://pygame.seul.org/ which
supplies Python modules for writing games on
top of the cross-platform SDL game-development
free library -- anybody interested in developing
games should surely have a look at it.

Moreover, there is now a very direct incentive: a
game development contest that specifies SDL as the
underlying library, but does NOT constrain the
choice of programming language.  Quite apart from
the prizes, this is an occasion to show Python's
amazing productivity &c to game designers who might
not be aware of it yet!

The 1-megabyte-total-disk-space constraint is
likely to prove the most challenging part, since
no "language runtimes" (including Python's) seem
to be included in the set of libraries that are
not counted towards the 1MB limit.  However, any
interested party is of course advised to get in
touch with the organizers directly to clarify
this.  Worst case, lots of freezing/packaging
cleverness may be required:-).

Here's the relevant part of the announcement:
 Subject: Announcement: SDL Game Contest
 From: No Starch Press <games at nostarch.com>
 Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 21:50:51 +0200

 No Starch Press, publishers of PROGRAMMING LINUX GAMES, is pleased to
announce an SDL GAME DEVELOPMENT CONTEST, open to entries from game
developers worldwide.

 Create a complete SDL-based computer game under 1 megabyte, and send it to
games at nostarch.com by DECEMBER 1, 2001 and you could win the entire Loki
Software game library, books from No Starch Press, a subscription to Linux
Journal magazine, and more!

 Contest details: www.nostarch.com/?games
 Questions: games at nostarch.com


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