Pymacs - tuples/lists .vs. proper-lists/vectors

François Pinard pinard at
Mon Sep 17 03:19:42 CEST 2001

Hi, Pythonres and Pythonras.

Someone is suggesting that the choice of translating:

     Python      to      Emacs LISP

     tuples      ->      proper lists
     lists       ->      vectors

might not be ideal, and suggests that I change that to:

     Python      to      Emacs LISP

     tuples      ->      vectors
     lists       ->      proper lists

instead.  He argues that Python lists are more easy to shrink and expand
than Python tuples, which well parallels Emacs LISP proper lists being
also more flexible than Emacs LISP vectors.

This might be debated to death, of course.  My reasons for the current
choice are rather weak.  Maybe I corresponded round parentheses to round
parentheses, and square ones to square ones.  This is surely easier to
remember, but maybe not as natural as I would have expected it to be.
So far, I see myself writing `return tuple(result)' a bit too often...

Pymacs is young enough to afford the change suggested above, so I think I'm
going to dive and do it right now.  Yet, remains in the back of me a bit
of doubt.  Please tell me if I am goofing big by accepting the above change!

François Pinard

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