GUI frontend IPC question

Campbell cb921 at
Mon Sep 17 22:08:13 CEST 2001


Again, because I'm working in Python, my own design issues become
on-topic. :)

I have an app servicing up to 120 'clients' at one time.  I would like
to make a gui which will display current status of each of the ports
(idle, active), and some other information.

I originally made this gui a part of the server .py file, but wxPython
takes a chunk of time out of my 'wait for event' loop (while it
processes windows events), which then cannot respond to incoming events
fast enough.  Creating the GUI as another application is easy, but how
will the front end know what the state of the actual application is?

So it all boils down to 'what does IPC look like and what options do I
have', I guess.  Every program I have written before now, had both the
display and the inner core, both in one process, so this is very new to

Is there anyone who could help me, who would take time to do so?

Thank you for reading,


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