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Sun Sep 23 22:08:05 CEST 2001

Sam Scholey <scholey at> wrote:
> Hi There, I am a programming newbie and was told that Python would be a good
> first language because of its extensive documentation and clean, readable
> code. Anyway, it sounds great as a scripting language and I wanted to know
> if Python can create GUI applications?, perhaps using GTK?

Python can create GUI's using Tkinter, native Windows widgets, GTK,
wxWindows (which uses GTK or native Windows widgets) and lots others.

My particular choice is Qt - see 

for the libraries themselves, and

for an online draft of my book on GUI programming with Python and Qt.
(The book is nearly completely written, I have only got to write a
general introduction to Python and an appendix on Python and KDE. And
to revise the text for PyQt 3, which will run on Windows, X11 and OS X,
and to polish up the indentation and things for the demo scripts. But
the cover has been painted, and it really should get into print Real
Soon Now.)


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