ANNOUNCE mimelib 0.6 (was Re: [mimelib-devel] ANNOUNCE mimelib 0.5)

Barry A. Warsaw barry at
Mon Sep 17 22:58:16 CEST 2001

>>>>> "BAW" == Barry A Warsaw <barry at> writes:

    BAW> I've just released mimelib 0.5, a package for handling email
    BAW> messages, including MIME documents.  This version contains
    BAW> lots of new features, bug fixes, and unit tests.  See below
    BAW> for a NEWS file excerpt.

    BAW> This will likely be the last independent release of mimelib.
    BAW> I intend to merge it into the Python standard library for
    BAW> Python 2.2 alpha 4.  There will be changes due to the merge,
    BAW> including a new name for the package (`email' It Shall Be
    BAW> Called), and some shuffling of modules and method names.

    BAW> The current Mailman 2.1 alpha and CVS snapshot has not been
    BAW> tested with this release, and there are likely some
    BAW> breakages.  The next Mailman alpha release /will/ be made
    BAW> compatible, and if any bugs crop up at that point, there may
    BAW> have to be an 0.6 release.  I hope not though.

    BAW> The mimelib projects page at SourceForge (includes links for
    BAW> downloading):


    BAW> The online manual:


There were some last minute bugs that cropped up in version 0.5, so
I've just uploaded version 0.6.  Sorry about that.


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