How do I distinguish a string from a sequence?

Paul Moore gustav at
Fri Sep 28 21:45:50 CEST 2001

On 28 Sep 2001 16:03:24 +0200, Janko Hauser <jhauser at> wrote:

>In your application it would be best to test for some method of
>strings you need in your processing. In this way you are guaranteeing
>that your object has the right interface, regardless of type.

Regrettably, I don't think there is one. "Ability to be passed to popen2()" is
what I'm after (at least in the initial version, later I might use fork/exec or
low-level Win32 calls) and that isn't testable for...

I could pick an arbitrary string method, I guess. But that feels no better than
type testing, and even more of a hack.

Maybe there should be a common abstract base class for strings and Unicode
strings, in the 2.2 class/type unification stuff?


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