Issue Resolved (WAS Re: Questions on COM Objects scripting)

Maan Hamze mmhamze at
Wed Sep 5 04:06:42 CEST 2001

You are not going to believe this.
Print Scene was yielding name Scene is undefined from as an error message in
a graphical window from within Breeze.
Then it occured to me :)
To run VBScript macros inside Breeze Designer we MUST run everything within
the body of Sub Main().  This means that somewhere within the program the
Main() procedure is hardwired.  So,

sub Main()
Code goes here
end sub

So, by mere luck I tried and ran this macro:

import win32traceutil
def main():    #just a dummy procedure
print Scene

And Voila! :)  The Trace collector printed:  <COMObject Scene>
And the whole thing is WORKING :) along with a nice sphere in the OpenGL
Python scripting inside a povray modeller......  yeeeehaaaaaaaaa!
Apparently Neville Richards (the developer of Breeze Designer) in addition
to stating that the object name is scene (which is not correct since it is
Scene), had the main() function hardwired in the code (apparently he
believes that everything runs like VBScript).
I am going to let him know of this so that he can fix it since some people
were wondering in povray.programming how to get Python running inside Breeze
Thanks for you help Mark.  It takes more than person sometimes to get
something running.

"Mark Hammond" <MarkH at> wrote in message
news:3B95625C.8090701 at
> Maan M. Hamze wrote:
> > Now I have the complete picture.  Of course globals() is reporting the
> > object Scene before anything else is dispatched etc.....  So it is
> > there.
> > The problem is that I have tried every combination in the book including
> > direct use of scene, and Scene then Dispatch("Breeze.Scene") etc...
> > scene, and Scene alike (without using any Dispatch) are causing Python
> > report that Scene (or scene for this matter) are undefined names.  This
> > strange since Scene IS there.  I may have an idea for what is happening!

> > Ok!  That is what I wanted to make sure of that PythonWin is not the
> > here.  So time to give the developer a call and let him know about this
> What does "print Scene" yield?
> Mark.

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