bsddb3 vs zodb

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Thu Sep 20 11:14:35 CEST 2001

vincent delft wrote:
>does any one as analyze the pro and cons (functionalities, performances,
>...) between Berkley DB3 (bsddb3) and ZODB ?

They aren't the same.

bsddb3 does key/value mappings, where both terms are strings.
This is extremely useful.  But if you don't have strings you
need to tell it how and when to do the conversion.  There
is support for an automatic pickling interface for adding and
removing elements from the database, but it doesn't know
about changes to the data structure once it's pulled out of
the database, and it doesn't deal well with having data shared
across different elements.

ZODB is a full object persistence system, meaning you can
keep your data as a Python data structure and let ZODB figure
out how to store that data - there's no need for explicit
data structure to/from file I/O code.  (So long as your object
supports pickles.)

ZODB supports bsddb3 as one way of doing storage.

What are you trying to do?  That makes it easier to answer
your question.


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