Mac python and Carbon

Richard Jones richard at
Tue Sep 18 04:14:37 CEST 2001

On Tuesday 18 September 2001 06:54, S11001001 wrote:
> Hate to interrupt your foray into GUI wrappers, but I am here to ask about
> a new GUI possibility. I see Swing as a very good possible widget set; it
> is portable to anything with a JVM. Of course, for speed reasons, it would
> have to be implemented in a _real_ compiled language. I like the layout
> managers and cross-platform capabilities of Swing. Feel free to string
> either intelligent replies or flames to this thread; this could very well
> be a bad idea.

I've had extensive experience with Java/Swing - mostly on Sparcstation 20s 
and 10s. Painfully slow. So I'm about as un-enamoured of Java/Swing as one 
can possibly get. I firmly believe that Swing/Java is a marketing tool for 
Sun to sell more high-end machines :)

Swing does get a good M/V/C split going though (though stricly it's more M/VC 
IIRC). That's definitely in its favour.

Note: this is my honest opinion, it's flame-bait, you asked for it, and I 
won't respond to replies :)


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