Windows install in alternate location with /silent?

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Tue Aug 20 12:14:06 EDT 2002

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> The Python installer for Windows supports a /silent flag.  This is cool for
> batch installs, but not so cool if you also want to install in an alternate
> location.  I tried executing the installer with /? or /help flags but didn't
> get any output.  Is there a list of command line flags for the WISE
> installer somewhere?
Straight from the WISE help file:

Command Line Switches for install files created in wise, i.e. SETUP.EXE

· /S silent mode, automatic mode with no user choices

· /T test mode

· /X pathname extracts files into pathname

· /Z pathname extracts files into pathname and reboots

· /M=filename specifies a value file similar to /d above, but for standard variables

· /M1 causes Wise to step through the installation and display each file that is flagged for self-registration, allowing the author
to identify each file as it is being self-registered.

· /M2 reserved for internal use by Wise during debugger sessions

Command Line Switches for UNWISE.EXE and UNWISE32.EXE

· /Z remove empty directories, including one with unwise itself in it

· /A automatic mode, no user choices other than cancel

· /S silent mode, automatic mode with no user choices

· /R rollback mode, selects option to rollback on uninstall

· /U like automatic mode, but gives all choices other than custom/automatic

· title - window title can be at the end of the command line

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