Could Python supplant Java?

Steve Austin joeking at
Wed Aug 21 18:40:15 CEST 2002

> 'filelike' might be a file handle.  It might be a urllib object.  It
> might be a gzip object.  It might be a string buffer.  Or it might be
> some custom object with a .read() method that I had not even thought of
> when I wrote the code.

Surely that's just polymorphism?  Not exactly the same 
as dynamic or static data typing - which was the subject 
at hand.  For example, Java is statically typed, but 
can still do the above.

> In some OOP languages you might handle this by requiring that 'filelike'
> inherit from File, or whatever.  But that is far too rigid a class
> hierarchy requirement, IMO.

Isn't that what interfaces were invented for?  :-)

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