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On Thu, 01 Aug 2002 15:21:04 GMT, Mike Wrote in
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> FWIW, with the exception of a modification nntpserver definition,
>> nntpserver  = "news.yourserver.com"
> this code runs as-is on my W2k machine. I know you're probably not
> interested

Actually, I am. Very interested. I think it is outstanding the way
python is such an (easily)  cross platform language. Write 
it on linux, run it on windows! Why, I think that is very cool!

I am a linux man. That dosen't make me a snob, just for the record. I
know people still use windows, and for some very good reasons. And I
know that if I write software that anyone else will be using, (even if
it is just for fun) I want it to run on as many platforms as possible
with a minimum of fuss. Ain't python grand!

> , but there's a very nice Python distribution for Windows from
> ActiveState.

Actually, I just downloaded the python distro for windows from the
python site. It was very simple to install, and includes all the
standard stuff. works great on the NT system at work. I play with it
on my lunch break.

Don't know about the activestate stuff.

> One wonders how your code would look in some other languages. In Perl, of
> course, it would be an unreadable mess

I understand Perl was one of the reasons that Guido decided to write
his own language. True?

Perl does tend to lack a certain............  asthetic quality, dosen't it?

> , but what about something like Rebol?
>   www.rebol.org
> Here's the intro page:
>   http://www.rebol.com/rebol-intro.html
> I've never done any rebol programming, but this sounds like something rebol
> was made to do.
> -- Mike --

Thanks for the reference. I will check it out. 



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