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Mon Aug 5 19:43:17 CEST 2002

Then <siegfried.gonzi at> spoke up and said:
> I did not follow the comments in the following but the post surprised me 
> that one finds C more easily to grasp than Python, especially when he is 
> a novice in programming.

C is extremely easy to program in... as long as you can limit yourself
to "normal" C datatypes.  C starts getting fugly when you try to use
3rd party libraries, each of which has a different convention for The
One True Way to use some kind of extension type.  Dictionaries are
non-trivial to do.  Even something as simple as a list gets
complicated pretty quick (singly linked?  doubly linked?  accessor
functions?  macros?).  The whole point of higher level languages
(which C is definitely NOT) is that you can think about advanced data
type rather than about the primitives underneath them.

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