Button (command=funtion) in Tkinter: pasing arguments

revyakin revyakin at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 30 05:23:33 CEST 2002

I am sorry for this, but my brain can't take it anymore

I would like a button on a Tk canvas to return its x,y coordinates
when pressed

def displayCoords(coords):
        print coords

genericButton = Button(master=fileWindow,text='show coords')

currentButton = canvas.create_window(x,y,window=genericButton)   
canvas.itemconfig(currentEventButton, tags=(x, y))

genericButton.config(command = displayCoords)

What I don't understand is how to pass the arguments to
If I write :

...command = displayCoords(canvas.gettags(currentButton))

displayCoords function just does not get invoked. It only gets invoked
it takes no arguments, but I DO NEED to pass the x,y to it in order to
display them, don't I? In fact, I looked through many config(command =
exapmles and I've never seen any arguments passed to the function. 
Can it be done at all?

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