f2py Assumed-Size Array Arguments

Darryl darryl.genovesi at lmco.com
Mon Aug 26 18:57:55 EDT 2002

I am new to python and involved in a software modernization project
that involves accessing fortran modules from python using the f2py
interface generator.  However, I have problems when trying to generate
an interface to a program unit which has assumed-length array
arguments.  Is there a compatibility issue here that I should know
about and if not, can someone please let me know the procedure for

Thanks in advance

P.S. You want the details?  Please read on...

For example, if I try to wrap a file containing:

module mod0

  implicit none


  real function array_sum( a )
    real, intent(in), dimension(:) :: a
    array_sum = sum( a )
  end function

end module

f2py will generate the error message:

15 Lines Compiled
ifc  -KPIC  -FI -w90 -w95   -O3  -xM 
-I/usr/local/Python-2.2.1/lib/python2.2/site-packages/f2py2e/src  -c
/usr/tmp/@20794.0/array_sum-f2pywrappers.f -o
   external subroutine F2PYWRAP_MOD0_ARRAY_SUM
      array_sumf2pywrap = array_sum(a)
Error 259 at (8:/usr/tmp/@20794.0/array_sum-f2pywrappers.f) : This
function has the wrong number of arguments or arguments with the wrong
name, type or rank
   external subroutine F2PYINITMOD0

1 Error
compilation aborted for /usr/tmp/@20794.0/array_sum-f2pywrappers.f
(code 1)
error: failure during compile

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