Python for CGI scripting

Nathan Clegg nathan-nntp at
Mon Aug 5 16:42:14 CEST 2002

Specifically for the CGI case, check out FastCGI (
There are python modules to keep your process persistent (avoiding the
startup cost) and a variant to multithread the handler (sharing the
memory between the handlers).  I believe there are modules for IIS in
addition to apache.  If you are using apache, you might also want to
check out mod_snake for an interpreter-inside-the-server solution.

>>>>> "Dale" == Dale Strickland-Clark <dale at> writes:

    Dale> We've already used Python for CGI scripting in small
    Dale> projects and it worked well.

    Dale> We're now considering it for web projects with much higher
    Dale> hit rates.

    Dale> I'm a bit worried about how it will scale.

    Dale> Each hit on the site will call a CGI script which will load
    Dale> a new copy of Python, taking time to load off disk and
    Dale> occupying at least another 5MB.

    Dale> Has anyone else addressed this issue? If so, how?

    Dale> What are the prospects of a re-usable Python DLL?

    Dale> Thanks -- Dale Strickland-Clark Riverhall Systems Ltd

Nathan Clegg
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