Score One More For Python! Yay!

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Aug 22 01:14:27 EDT 2002

Dirk Collins wrote:
> Picked up this feature article on Gamasutra from the 2002 game
> developers conference.
> GDC 2002: Game Scripting in Python
> Scripting languages allow rapid development of game behaviour without
> the pitfalls that await the unwary C++ programmer. Using an existing
> scripting language saves the time and cost of developing a custom
> language, and typically gives you a far more powerful language than
> you could create on your own.
> Python is an excellent choice for a game scripting language because...
> The rest of this article you'll find at:

Note, the link requires you to "join" before you can see the article.
This means entering detailed personal information including email 
address, geographical address, and much demographic information.

No doubt you can provide bogus answers for much of that, but in
any event it's not "free"... you're at least spending your time.


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