problem Pyrex install?

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 27 23:17:30 EDT 2002

Markus von Ehr wrote:
> sorry for the simple question,
> I unzipped pyrex (win32) and try to run:
> python
> to build the code. I get the error:
> ImportError: No module named Pyrex.Disutils
> What did I miss?

For one thing, you missed the actual traceback.  Just so
we don't misinterpret, can you cut and paste the real
message that you got?

As for a solution, is it possible you didn't unzip with
full folder names, but instead unzipped all files into a
single directory?

And are you running "" from the right place? 
Presumably there should be a Pyrex subdirectory in the 
directory in which you find the file.


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