CherryPy-0.5 released

Remi Delon remi at
Thu Aug 8 10:41:38 CEST 2002

We're pleased to announce the release of CherryPy-0.5.

This release adds two new features:
- FastCGI support
- New tag to allow webdesigners to work on separate files

About CherryPy:

CherryPy is a Python-based tool for developing dynamic websites. It uses
many powerful concepts together, which makes it unique in its approach to
website development.
CherryPy sits between an application server and a compiler. You write source
files, compile them with CherryPy and CherryPy generates an executable
containing everything to run the website (including an HTTP server).

Key properties/features of CherryPy are:
   - Based exclusively on Python (runs everywhere Python runs)
   - Delivers fast, robust, and scalable websites
   - Developers can use OOP as well as AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming)
concepts to develop websites
   - True separation of content and presentation
   - Simple but powerful templating language
   - "HTML editor safe" templating language (templates can go back and forth
between designers and developers)
   - Powerful standard libraries to make your life easy

Other properties/features are:
   - Can be linked to many databases (Oracle, Sybase, MySql, PostgreSql,
   - Can run behind another webserver (Apache, ...)
   - Easy clustering and load-balancing set up for high-traffic websites
   - Built-in caching capability


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