Let's Talk About Lambda Functions!

Greg Ewing see_reply_address at something.invalid
Mon Aug 5 06:34:54 CEST 2002

John Roth wrote:

> "Huaiyu Zhu" <huaiyu at gauss.almadan.ibm.com> wrote in message
> news:slrnakme8c.bn9.huaiyu at gauss.almadan.ibm.com...
>>    x = y + (
>>def (z):
>>    if z: return 'True z'
>>    else: return 'False z'
>>        )('arg for anonymous function') + ' & additional expression
> terms.'
> As Bengt points out at more depth, this would be a syntax error,
> because there is no dedent following the function.

When the parser gets to the closing ")", it could do what it
does at the end of a file, and assume there are enough implied
dedents to get back to the right level.

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