wxRadioBox : start with none selected?

Thu Aug 1 00:21:14 CEST 2002

thanks for great advice previously on lists and dicts.  Good stuff,
and my code is about 1/3 as long now!

how do i set a radiobox to default to no choice until the user
chooses?  i need the "mouse click" for further processing, and if it
stays on its default, it seems there is no

i realize the selection can be passed even if the user does not
actively click on it, but I have no way of knowing if they have agreed
to the default, or not gotten that far yet - each selection leads to
other choices in real time, so it's not a "submit when finished"

this seems like an option that i can't find, since it seems common you
might not want to predispose the user to a choice.  something along
the lines of wxRadioBox.SetSelection(none).


ps, if thtis was IMPOSSIBLE, i could fall back on using two radio
buttons instead of each radio box, since they start unselected, but
that might be a huge pain, and would be giving up.

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