The troubles with pythonwin

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at
Fri Aug 2 03:14:58 CEST 2002

Gerson Kurz:

> I think I got it, and its dead simple too: Try using Shift+Return in a
> file that has only CR+LFs. Admittedly, I normally don't use
> Shift+Return, but it seems that sometimes when in a typing frenzy I do
> ;)
> Now, this looks like it could've been meant to be a feature, although
> a quick check at Scites manual doesn't say so.

   It is actually default Windows behaviour for the application to receive a
CR when Shift+Enter typed. As you are the second person to have a problem
with this, Scintilla has a new default key assignment that makes Shift+Enter
the same as Enter. Scintilla's behaviour here only occurs if the application
doesn't process this key combination. Since version 1.47 was released
yesterday, it may be a while before the change appears in a release and this
filters through to applications.

   OTOH, Shift+Enter looks like a good key binding for a complete symbol or
expand abbreviation command.

Mark Hammond:

> It appears that this also works in the editor window - it should not
> work like this.  I am not yet sure if this is a side effect of the
> interactive window or something else completely.

   You could add a key binding for this either in PythonWin's own binding
system or with Scintilla's AssignCmdKey SCK_RETURN, SCI_SHIFT ->
SCI_NEWLINE. Or upgrade to the current CVS.


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