Tkinter Object show and hide

Russell E. Owen owen at nospam.invalid
Tue Aug 20 17:44:36 CEST 2002

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 mauro at (Mauro) wrote:

>Somebody can talk me if there are some option or function to hide and
>show objects in Tkinter...

What you do is ungrid or unpack the object to hide it, then grid or pack 
it again to show it. If you want to it to reappear where it was before 
then I strongly suggest using the grid geometry manager for two reasons:
- The gridder offers the grid_remove() method which remembers all your 
grid options. Pack has no equivalent.
- Even if you don't take advantage of grid_remove() you can more easily 
put something back where it was by specifying row and column (which does 
not change) than by trying to reinsert a packed object in the right 
place (which requires using the "before" or "after" option to pack().

myobj = Label(...)
myobj.grid(row=1, column=2)
myobj.grid()  # to regrid at the old location

The other methods that hide objects are pack_forget() (if you packed the 
object) or grid_forget() (if you gridded it). Both of these methods 
forget the old configuration, so you'll have to provide full info when 
you re-show the object with pack(...) or grid(...).

-- Russell

P.S. I assume you know, but never mix grid and pack. Use one geometry 
manager or the other within a particular master frame or widget.

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