Python-ASP problem

Christopher chris_mk at
Thu Aug 8 15:15:09 EDT 2002

Hi everybody,

I have a bit of a problem.  I've worked on personal projects at work
using Python.  It was actually nice (nobody else used it, so everybody
was shocked on my development time and left me alone to my own
devices).  Well, a mixed blessing has arisen.  One of my projects is
so succesful that we are implementing a company-wide 'version.'  The
problem is they want to handle my scripts using ASP and Oracle.  Okay,
that's fine and dandy.  I know 0 about ASP and my knowledge of SQL
doesn't mean anything with the Oracle work they are using but we have
ASP and Oracle specialists, so it shouldn't matter.  Except that there
is an issue with the ASP and the ASP guy is asking me, and I am
researching and trying things but my lack of ASP experience is killing
me.  From what I gather, this should be relatively simple so maybe
somebody out there can help.

Here is the problem.  The ASP works fine the first time.  Results are
returned, the page is written (the whole source for the ASP is below),
everything is perfect.  However, it never works again.  Never, unless
you re-save the asp page (nothing is returned, not even the html
formatting before the script.  The asp guy thinks it locks up in the
very first line, but has no idea why).  It is boggling my mind.  Here
is a list of the python scripts that are either called by the asp
directly or by modules the asp imports followed by that asp source (if
you can help, please do, I want to hook my company on Python but I
need to clear this hurdle asap in order to do so):

<%@ Language="PYTHON" %>
<META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">


import Source_mainScript
from PDB_Names import *



Response.Write('Debug Code:<br>')
Response.Write('Accession:' + Accession + '<br>')
Response.Write('PublicSource:' + PublicSource)


s=Source_mainScript.main(PublicSource, Accession, 0)

#Response.write('Error retriving data')	



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