Interesting comments about Py on LT

Rich Harkins rich at
Wed Aug 7 13:21:01 CEST 2002

On Tuesday 06 August 2002 03:48 pm, R.Marquez wrote:
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Wait!  This isn't slashdot?!?!?  (What isn't flamebait on /. in some form

: )

Seriously though, I do find the whole comment about "Python is nowhere near
being able to handle what Java can." tiring.  What exactly is he referring
to?  If it's performance then he's got a point but the Python's purpose is
far different than Java's.  If he's trying to say Java is superior in terms
of syntax, clarity, flexibilty, or good old fasioned horse-sense then I'm
afraid I have to differ with Mr. McNealy I suppose.  I would ask when Java is
going to come up to speed on Python in terms of generators, reasonable
syntax, delegation, operator overloading, multiple inheritance, first-class
functions/classes/etc, and so on...


PS: I'll go ahead and mod myself down (-1, offtopic) anyway... :-P

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