How your company think about python?

Robert Hanlin findler_lambda at
Tue Aug 20 15:22:49 CEST 2002

d2002xx <d2002xx at> wrote in message news:<20020818190150.09802b6e.d2002xx at>...
> Would you tell me how your company (or your boss, colleagues) think
> about python? A possible next-generation mainstream? Or just another
> script? Or they even never heard it?

I program in Java and people just consider Python to be a tool I
happen to use.  I use it mainly for code gen and checking out data. 
Plus, Jython lets me write a quick Java app if I need.

We have severe size and speed constraints, so we're not shipping
Jython apps... though if I were working on a server I'd definitely use
it... but there's no real political obstacle.

Funny thing though is that people tend not to read slashdot or
opensource sites like freshmeat, for some weird reason. ;-)  Otherwise
they'd clearly have heard of it.  In fact, not doing so is a mistake
because free code is so useful, but that's another rant.


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