Newbie using Python

Mark Welborn markw at
Thu Aug 15 08:10:48 CEST 2002

Hello everyone,

I have installed Python on my Windows machine and trying to learn the
language.  I could also use a better understanding of programming techniques
in general. Anyway....from the reviews that I've read it looks like Python
should be a good programming language to learn.   I hope that my question is
not too simple.  :-)

How does a person get Python to make a system call under Windows ?  I have
tried 'import os' and 'import sys', but I must not understand the fine
points of making this work in a Python script.  Do I use the Windows
commands as in MS-DOS prompt or do I need a Python module using Python
commands ?


Mark Welborn
Network Administrator
Electro-Motor, Inc.
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