Could Python supplant Java?

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Mon Aug 19 10:53:54 CEST 2002

an anonymous coward "d2002xx" wrote in comp.lang.python:
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>an anonymous coward "netvegetable" said:
>> Not offering any personal opinion on this conjecture, but a lot of
>> people are saying that java has failed to become a widely accepted
>> cross platform language for applications.
> What!? Those guys don't know java projects in are
> growing much faster than python and C++!

Freshmeat and Sourceforge are nowadays a gigantic junk heap. So I'd
rather not judge a language by the number of SF projects using it ;-)

>> The python interpreter is smaller than the JRE, and it's certainly
>> a nicely structured language, with nearly all the coding features
>> of Java. 
> "all" coding features? Nooo! python language is better! except for
> built-in language support for multi-threading... Will python add it
> in future? Something like "synchronize:"?

Dunno. My guess is that this won't happen, as Java's syntax sugar for
multithreading doesn't make it particularly flexible in multithreading
environments, IMO. Does the Java standard library even have something
equivalent to Queue.Queue?

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