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> I'm about to distribute a program (a couple of Python modules, nothing
> too fancy) internally, and thinking about all the errors that will
> occur... I've made everyone install Python, so that's not an issue
> <wink>, but to be a little bit proactive, I'd like the program to check
> our version control system when it's importing a module and fetch it if
> it has been updated. Anyone done anything similar?

yup. i have some internal applications in the CVS. the others can check out 
the SW aith account "anonymous", no password. where needed i have two 
".ini" files to customize the SW. (one .ini hold the defaults, that is in 
the CVS and the other is not in the CVS (to avoid conflicts) and does the 
customization for the local machine. (the ConfigParse module even contains 
an example on how to do it that way)

we're a windows shop and with TortoiseCVS ( its easy enough to use 
by everyone (nice Explorer integration, just rightclick on the directory 
and select update :-)
> As a bonus exercise I would like any tracebacks to be mailed to me --
> which is easy enough, but I want the kind of detail the module
> gives... I'm guessing the easiest way will be to use and send
> an html email?

i think its about a week ago when someone asked nearly the same. it turned 
out that there as a patch on SF to make cgitb spitting out text.

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