campair and replace in a list?????/

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Thu Aug 29 15:02:59 EDT 2002

I have this file .asm

LDA 	D1 
	ADD 	D2 
	STA 	D3 
D1:	DB 	3 
D2:	DB 	2 
D3:	DB 	0 

I opened the file .asm and put in a string like that, wich node is a file line.

x=['\tLDA \tD1', '\tADD \tD2', '\tSTA \tD3', '\tHLT\t', 'D1:\tDB \t3', 'D2:\tDB \t2', 'D3:\tDB \t0'] 	

I have a tuple 
cod=(( 'LDA' , '2' , '30' ))

how i can replace in x, the LDA for example with a value of the  tuple??
for example:
x=['\t30 \tD1',...]

Juliano Freitas 

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