Could Python supplant Java?

goose spammenotguse at
Thu Aug 22 06:48:41 EDT 2002

Darren New wrote:
> Solaris doesn't come with a C compiler, last I looked. 


> CP-V didn't come with
> compilers. CP/M didn't come with compilers. 

both came on machines that had either
1. basic,
2. scripting language

> Neither your cell phone nor your
> TiVo come with a compiler installed. 

yeah, thats why they are developer-hostile

> Nor does your Palm Pilot. Nor does the
> cash register at the store where you bought the computer.


>>Which is the only system to come without a *SINGLE* development tool ?
> Palm Pilot. 

developer hostile
> CP/M. SunOS. 

both install with something

> Windows, on the other hand, comes with .NET compilers and the Windows
> Scripting Language. 

no it doesn't, you have to get them seperately ...

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