Python 2.2.1 bug

Fernando Pereira pereira at
Mon Aug 26 04:48:57 CEST 2002

On 8/25/02 9:17 PM, in article
mailman.1030324718.29835.python-list at, "Pavel Pergamenshchik"
<pp64 at> wrote:

> I found a way to break Python 2.2.1 (at least) both on Linux and Windows.
> Type
> eval("int" + ".__call__"*100000)\n
> at the prompt, then press ctrl-D or ctrl-Z to edit. This will result in a
> segfault on Linux and some weird "unknown software exception" thing on
> Windows.
It looks as if the deallocation of the method-wrapper object created by the
above expression requires more C stack than you have available. If you make
the C stack big enough, python exits gracefully. Whether this would be
possible and worthwhile to fix with non-recursive coding of the object
deallocation internals is up to the Python powers-that-be.

-- F

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