Python for use corporate ecommerce site?

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>Hi, I'm a developer/sys admin for a small company who is currently about
>to develop a new e-commerce system. before i go into my question let me
>state why i need this information directly from the python community:
>1) I'm a member of a development team who has always used apache,
>mod_perl, and sometimes mason (perl related).They do know some other
>languages (java and c++) and would learn python quick if told to do so
>(some already have tinkered with it thanks to me) by our project manager.
Among the Python-for-the-Web books in print, the one
with the strongest commercial orientation (in the sense
that it emphasizes SSL, uses e-commerce as an example
application, and so on) is *Web Programming in Python*
<URL: http://,3498,store-562_isbn-0130410659,00.html?>.

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