Calling PaintComponent in Jython

Samuele Pedroni pedronis at
Thu Aug 22 10:25:18 EDT 2002

Luiz Felipe Martins <fmartins at> wrote in message
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> I´m trying to do something like this:
> class MyPanel(javax.swing.JPanel):
>    def PaintComponent(self,g):
>       javax.swing.JPanel.PaintComponent(self,g)
>       ...

def PaintComponent(self,g):

>This does not work because PaintComponent is protected. In the book Jython
>for Java Programmers (excellent, btw), R. Bill suggests either changing the
>Jython registry or to write a Java class to mediate access.

he should be talking about protected fields, for them at the moment
writing a mediating class is the only solution. Changing


for production code is not a good idea  in general and it interacts badly
with the shortcut for accessing properties:

public class Thing {

protected int value;

public int getValue() { return value; }

public void setValue(int v) {
  // ... side-effects  and change value


now with respectJavaAccessibility = true
(the default):

t.value =3

effectively calls t.setValue(3)

but with respectJavaAccessibility = false:

t.value =3

simply changes the protected value and
the side effects are not triggered :(.

If I (or someone) get at it, this should change, for normal
code written assuming respectJavaAccessibility = true
is not a problem, but it is for example
writing dev tools for Jython in Jython.


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